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     The Ohio Attorney General, in response to an inquiry on the power of any County Sheriff during a snow or weather-related emergency, gave an opinion as to what the Ohio Revised Code says in that regard. The opinion reads that the Sheriff may declare a "snow emergency" and temporarily close any township, county or state road within his jurisdiction for the preservation of public peace.

     This decision will come after consulting with the County EMA (Emergency Management Agency), elected officials, the County Engineer, ODOT and on-duty deputies. A Snow Emergency has three levels...

Ohio Snow Emergency Levels

     The decision to call any of the above levels is a specific and difficult one. The Sheriff makes the initiative based on information he and his designees gather. These decisions shall be given to all local media. Please do not call the Sheriff's Office or 9-1-1 during such emergencies, listen to your favorite radio station for information. If they do not have the information, or are not giving it out, change to another station. The Sheriff will immediately announce when conditions have downgraded and the level changes.